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Freshly squeezed juice is always a treat, but finding the right juicer can be a challenge. That’s where the Angel Juicer 5500 comes in. Known for its reliability and versatility, that premium juicer has taken the market by storm with its exceptional features and unparalleled quality. In that post, they’ll explore the top features that make the Angel Juicer the perfect tool for all your juicing needs, from start to finish. Get ready to discover how that remarkable machine transforms fresh fruit into delicious and nutritious juice, one glass at a time.

Design And Build Of The Angel Juicer

The Angel Juicer is an outstanding piece of engineering designed to produce the highest quality juice in a compact, user-friendly machine. The sleek and stylish exterior is crafted from the highest grade stainless steel, ensuring the durability and long-lasting operation of the juicer. The Angel Juicer features a compact design, perfect for home use, yet built to commercial standards. The machine weighs only 20 pounds, making it easy to move around your kitchen and take with you when traveling. The juicer has a unique and robust look that will make it stand out on any kitchen counter. With a height of only 12 inches, the Angel Juicer fits easily under kitchen cabinets and in tight spaces.

The compact design is enhanced by the unit’s simplified, easy-to-use design. The juicer is simple to assemble and disassemble, with few parts and no tools required. One of the key design features of the Angel Juicer is its revolutionary twin gears. These gears are made of highly durable and heat-resistant material, ensuring that they remain operational for a long time. They are designed to mimic the motion of your teeth and are precision-engineered to extract juice with minimal heat and maximum nutrient retention.

Multiple Functions And Capabilities

When it comes to juicers, it’s important to have one that can do more than just extract juice from fruits and vegetables. And the Angel Juicer certainly fits the bill when it comes to multiple functions and capabilities. Not only can it juice a wide variety of products, including hard vegetables like carrots and leafy greens like kale, but it can also make nut butter, baby food, soy milk, and even pasta!

The Angel Juicer is truly a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for much more than just juicing. In addition, the machine is capable of producing more than just juice. The Angel Juicer can also make delicious sorbets and ice creams using frozen fruit and juice, giving you a healthy dessert option that doesn’t compromise on taste. One of the key features that allow for the Angel Juicer’s multiple functions is its adjustable pulp control, which lets you adjust the amount of pulp in your juice or even separate it for use in other recipes.

Revolutionary Twin Gears of Angel 5500

The Angel 5500 is known for its remarkable twin gears that set it apart from other juicers in the market. The gears work together to extract every last drop of juice from fruits and vegetables, leaving behind a dry pulp that can be discarded.  The twin gears are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are also equipped with a magnetized layer, which ensures that the juicing process maintains the maximum nutritional value of the ingredients. But what sets the twin gears apart is their unique design.

They are shaped in such a way that they interlock with each other, allowing them to crush and grind ingredients to extract every bit of juice. They work together seamlessly, producing high-quality juice that is rich in nutrients and flavor. The Angel Juicer’s twin gears are also designed to be easy to clean. They come apart quickly and can be rinsed off with ease, making it convenient for users who want to use their juicer frequently. The twin gears also work silently, allowing you to prepare juice without disrupting your household.

Highly Efficient And Effective Juice Extraction

One of the standout features of the Angel Juicer is its highly efficient and effective juice extraction. That is made possible thanks to the juicer’s revolutionary twin gears which operate at a slow speed of just 86 RPM. That slow speed ensures that the maximum amount of juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables while minimizing the amount of pulp left over. The twin gears are also designed with a unique shape and size, which helps to crush and grind the produce more thoroughly.

That results in a higher yield of juice, with more of the nutrients and enzymes from the produce retained in the juice. Furthermore, the Angel Juicer can extract juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including hard vegetables like carrots and beets, leafy greens like kale and spinach, and even soft fruits like berries and tomatoes. That means that you can enjoy a wider range of nutritious juices with just one machine.

High-Quality Juice Yield And Nutritional Value

One of the most important factors when it comes to juicing is the quality of the juice that is produced. With the Angel Juicer, you can rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality juice yield possible. The innovative twin gears of the Angel Juicer work together to produce a higher yield of juice than other juicers on the market. That is because the twin gears rotate at a very slow speed, which minimizes the amount of oxygen that is introduced to the juice during the juicing process.

In addition to the high yield of juice, the Angel Juicer also produces juice that is packed with nutrition. That is because the juicer works to preserve the natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are found in the fruits and vegetables that are being juiced. The Angel Juicer also features a unique three-stage extraction process that ensures that the juice is free of pulp, fiber, and other unwanted particles. That means that you are left with a smooth, delicious juice that is easy to drink and digest.

Easy Assembly And Disassembly

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to kitchen appliances is having to assemble and disassemble them. That is especially true for juicers, which can have multiple parts that need to be put together just to make a simple glass of juice. Thankfully, the Angel Juicer is designed with ease of use in mind, making it a breeze to put together and take apart. Assembly is incredibly easy with the Angel Juicer. Simply attach the top part of the juicer to the base, add in the twin gears, and you’re good to go. There are no complicated steps or tiny parts to deal with, which means you can start juicing in a matter of minutes. Disassembly is just as easy.

Once you’re finished juicing, simply detach the top part of the juicer and remove the twin gears. You can then clean the parts separately, making it much easier to get into all the nooks and crannies of the juicer. One of the best things about the Angel Juicer is that it’s incredibly user-friendly. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to assemble or disassemble it, which makes it ideal for those who want a hassle-free juicing experience. Plus, it’s so easy to take apart that even kids can help with the cleaning!

Versatile Usage Options

The Angel Juicer is not just a juicer, it’s a multifunctional machine that can handle different tasks in the kitchen. That makes it an ideal kitchen appliance for those who love to experiment with recipes and explore new ways of preparing meals. Here are some of the versatile usage options of the Angel Juicer:

  1. Juicing: That is the primary function of the Angel Juicer. With its revolutionary twin gears, it can efficiently extract juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to make apple juice, carrot juice, or any other kind of juice, the Angel Juicer will deliver a high-quality and nutritious product.
  2. Food Processing: The Angel Juicer can also be used to process food. It comes with various attachments that allow you to make baby food, nut butter, and even ice cream. You can use it to grind coffee beans, spices, and grains as well.
  3. Soy Milk: The Angel Juicer has a dedicated soy milk function. It can process soybeans and turn them into fresh, delicious soymilk. You can use it to make tofu, soy yogurt, and other soy-based products too.
  4. Pasta: The Angel Juicer has a pasta-making attachment that can produce fresh, homemade pasta. You can use it to make spaghetti, fettuccine, and other pasta types. The pasta-making process is easy, and the results are delicious.
  5. Mincing: The Angel Juicer can also be used to mince meat, fish, and other foods. That makes it an excellent kitchen tool for preparing dishes that require minced ingredients.

The versatility of the Angel Juicer makes it an essential kitchen appliance for any home cook. With its ability to perform multiple functions, it saves time and effort in the kitchen while providing healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.

Noiseless Operation

One of the most significant advantages of the Angel Juicer is its noiseless operation. Unlike many other juicers, the Angel Juicer doesn’t emit a loud grinding noise during operation. That is because the machine runs on a quiet, slow rotation motor. The slow speed not only minimizes the noise but also ensures that the machine works without creating heat, preserving the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables. That makes it perfect for households with babies or people who live in small apartments where noise levels can be a disturbance. Moreover, that noiseless operation is possible without compromising the efficiency and speed of juice extraction. The slow rotation ensures the complete extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, without the need for repeat passes.

Durable And Long-Lasting

The Angel Juicer is not just an ordinary juicer. It is built with high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting use. The body and parts of the juicer are made of solid stainless steel, which is a sturdy and rust-resistant material. The gears are also made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is strong enough to handle any kind of fruits and vegetables. With its powerful motor, the Angel Juicer can handle continuous juicing without overheating or breaking down. The motor is designed to work at a slower speed, which means less wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan for the juicer.

The Angel Juicer comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a testament to its durability and long-lasting performance. That juicer is an investment that will give you fresh, nutritious juice for years to come. It is also worth mentioning that the Angel Juicer is designed and built in Korea, a country known for its high-quality and reliable electronics. If you want a juicer that can stand the test of time, the Angel Juicer is the perfect choice. It is a well-built machine that can handle daily juicing without any issues. You can be sure that your investment will pay off in the long run. So, go ahead and enjoy the delicious and nutritious juice that the Angel Juicer can produce!

User-Friendly And Easy To Clean

One of the best things about the Angel Juicer is how user-friendly and easy it is to clean. Nobody likes spending hours cleaning their juicer after making a delicious, healthy drink. Thankfully, the Angel Juicer was designed with that in mind. First, all the removable parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them a breeze. The stainless steel exterior can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, which is a big plus for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning. In addition to being easy to clean, the Angel Juicer is also easy to use.

There are only a few steps involved in juicing with that machine, and the user manual is very straightforward. Even those who are new to juicing will find it simple to operate. Overall, the Angel Juicer is an excellent choice for those who want a juicer that is easy to use and clean. Whether you are a seasoned juicer or a beginner, you will appreciate how simple and hassle-free it is to use that machine.


In conclusion, the Angel Juicer is undoubtedly one of the best juicers in the market today. It has 10 remarkable features that make it a highly efficient and effective machine for juice extraction. Its design and build, revolutionary twin gears, high-quality juice yield, easy assembly and disassembly, noiseless operation, durability, and user-friendly features make it an excellent investment for any health-conscious person. With the Angel Juicer, you can enjoy delicious and highly nutritious juices every day, without sacrificing taste or quality. They highly recommend the Angel Juicer for anyone who wants to get the best out of their fruits and vegetables and take their health to the next level.

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